Save time, money and effort cleaning your shower

method daily shower spray

I had a friend give me this and it has helped keep my shower clean without scrubbing. Just a few quick squirts after a shower and the tile in the shower is still looking clean.

method daily shower spray
method daily shower spray

I get no benefit from sharing this. I have used it for two months and it seems to work well for me. Is there a downside? It’s a little annoying to spend 30 seconds after each shower to spray the walls down but it’s less time than cleaning the shower/tub each month.

No other experience using any other daily shower sprays. The reviews on this product are good at Target and other sites. I am not crazy about the smell but it isn’t offensive either. I spray it just before I leave the room so I don’t smell it.

I shared earlier that I had bought a rotating powered brush to clean the tub/shower and it helps but it takes time to work. It probably takes 20 minutes to thoroughly clean the shower/tub with it and with this product, I haven’t even had to use it. Looking back I should have probably tried this product first instead of the power tools.

I have used other Method products in the past and used to use their hand soap until I discovered it had SLS which is a problem. You can read more here. Since I am a sensitive person this causes me irritation and skin issues.

Isn’t it great in life when you can find something that saves you time, money, and effort?

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