Cleaning up past projects

cleaning up comic

I tried to do something on Friday, but couldn’t because I hadn’t fully cleaned up a past project that I did.

That meant that I had to spend Saturday fixing what I had done in the past. I had to contact two organizations and learn a new process. Today I tested and it worked, so I am just thrilled.

I like to test things and I have often set up lab environments to see how things work. No pressure to try things and not be afraid to make mistakes. I have learned lots of things from these experiences and they have helped me greatly. Probably the single biggest way that I was educated was hands-on work.

Now the downside is that I said before you have to reinstall your computer more than a normal person. It is a small downside to pay to understand something.

As a kid, I often took things apart so I was always curious. I always tried to understand everything that I encounter. Although I am not a mechanic I had to learn a lot about cars when I had problems with cars in the past. Now I can appreciate it when a mechanic might suggest something for my used older car and feel comfortable approving the repair.

Keeping things organized and set back to defaults is probably the best way to do anything when you finish a project. Now I am adding this to my task list when doing a project. When a project is over, ask if I need to do anything to reset it to the defaults. Perhaps even a checklist for my next project might be in order.

You can learn things with each experience you have in life. Ways to make things easier for yourself and others. One of the surprising things I often find with companies/people is that they do something the same way for decades. How boring that would be for me. The opportunity to learn new things is not taken. Why?

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