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Make someones day and check in on them

I had my long time doctor check in on me on Friday and it made my day. I am doing ok but the fact that she thought about me was sweet. Some doctors really do care about their patients.

I realized today that checking in on people in your network is very important. I check in randomly with some of my LinkedIn network to see how they are doing. Some people are looking for jobs now, and it is vital they get health care. Others are perhaps more solitary and introverted and they need to know that others think they are important too. I think one of the positive things from this virus is that people hopefully become more thoughtful towards each other.

I realize that many people don’t act in a loving and kind way because they haven’t had that experience in life. They attack and make fun of others to feel an imagined sense of superiority. The fact is that I could be wrong, or they could be wrong, but it doesn’t matter who is wrong or right when we act like a jerk. Being kind is more important than being right or looking smart.

Many times I have worked in companies and followed up on my customers randomly after helping them. I wanted to see if my solution was still working, or if they needed more help. Sometimes people are shy to ask for help and the solution they ask for may not be the best solution for them. Often people just want their computers to work so they can finish the immediate project, but there are more time saving things that can make their job easier so when they have more time I come back and help them learn and be more efficient.

When someone is struggling like now, you can help them with their immediate problem. Then circle back later and see if you can address the problem more fully. We don’t have to solve someones problems by checking in with them, but we can let them know we are a resource if they need help.