Save money and the environment with this phantom power strip

power saving strip screenshot

I searched and I found it! A power strip that saves power and money.

As you can see above this Bell’O power strip saves you from the costs of phantom power when not in use. I have been using it for about a week and so far it has worked perfectly.

It is a simple power strip that has some electrical outlets in the back that are for always-on devices and some for things you want to prevent wasting power. When you flip the switch in the back it goes from normal mode to eco mode. The eco mode will shut off power to those outlets. When I walk away from my computer desk I simply push the button in the back and all of my devices go into power-saving mode. I have the AC connected to the “always on” so it doesn’t matter since that is on standby.

It has a huge ability to protect from a surge. Far more than any of the other surge protection strips that I had. It even protects things like TV cable inputs and modem cables if you are still using a modem. It looks very nice on the desk and it helps clean up the area and I have no cable management problems on the floor now.

At first, I was concerned about the price, but after doing some research there are estimates that the average family of 4 wastes between $150-$200 yearly on phantom power. I saw this directly when I was connecting things to my solar generator. Things that I didn’t think taking power like my TV switch box in reality were using lots of power. I have turned that off with the solar generator on/off AC power control button, but if I didn’t have the solar generator I would simply buy another one of these.

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It was very difficult to find a phantom power-killing power strip. Every other product I read about had terrible reviews about a lack of reliability. It took me probably 40 hours to find this. I searched high and low. Companies that were famous for their power equipment weren’t any better for reliability.

Saving money and the environment has never been so easy to do!