Wind power is compelling to use along with solar

wind power comic

I have been learning that wind power is a compelling thing to use along with solar. If I had my own house, I would already have solar and wind power in it.

There is enough wind in my neighborhood to power a variety of wind turbines. It is interesting that in weather where solar doesn’t work like overcast/rain/snow wind is often present and can be used to charge up the battery.

In addition, wind turbines are quieter and safer than ever with new designs. It is remarkable how designs can remove the objections that people used to have about traditional wind power installations. I can buy a wind generator that my neighbors might not even notice.

I like that there are a variety of technologies to produce power. The faster we get away from burning carbon fuels the better our future will be. It makes me feel very hopeful when I watch these documentaries about the research into alternative power and storage systems. We do have a chance that technology might help save us.

This doesn’t mean that we can continue to do the same behavior, however. We have to normalize acting with the future in mind. We have to stop seeing short-term benefits as more important than long-term benefits. We need to value things other than money which will not help us if we continue to destroy our own future homes.

People who rape the future for the present are cancer on society and they will not face the problems they create. I am concerned for future generations. We have done the worst job possible in being a steward of creation.

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