Sandalwood soap is fantastic


I had a gift of Sandalwood soap and I tried it out today. It smelled fantastic and it was a nice experience to use it today.

Things that are scented are not something that I buy for myself. Part of being a HSP is that scents can be overwhelming so its easier to just avoid them. However this isn’t overwhelming and a nice change.

Often in life we think we wouldn’t enjoy or benefit from something but often we are wrong. If I had not had this as a gift I never would have enjoyed this particular thing. It is easy in life to ignorantly close off a possible enriching life experience and we should be open-minded about what we believe to be true.

Is there a downside of this soap? Not so far. I also have two more different scented soaps and I will enjoy those as well. Isn’t it nice when we have thoughtful friends that help us enjoy life better?

I am not getting any benefit from sharing this, just sharing something that I enjoyed. Its ok to sometimes treat yourself.

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