Rose on the Golden Girls and why she is great

sophia photo comic

Rose on the Golden Girls is my favorite Golden Girl, and here is why.

sophia photo comic
sophia photo comic

I have been watching Golden Girls on Hulu and I just love Rose. They all can be funny, but I think Rose is the funniest. More importantly, she is the kindest and most considerate, and for that she is the most interesting to me.

It is interesting. In the past, I might have identified with Dorothy who is the intellectual. Then at another time in the past, I might have identified with Blanche who is affectionate. I have grown, however, and now I would rather spend time with Rose.

Smart people are fun to talk to for a short while. Affectionate people like Blanche are fun for a while. However, someone like Rose who makes you laugh and who is kind and listens to me, is the most comfortable and easygoing.

Of course, this show also has Sophia. Sophia wouldn’t be a good friend because her honesty is so brutal that it would be a challenge to be a friend with her. We want honesty from others we think, but when others are honest we rarely accept what they tell us.

It is funny, isn’t it? We watch things and identify with characters but then we don’t see the shortcomings in those characters. Rose doesn’t seem smart, but I would argue she is smart in ways other than knowledge or logic. She has the ability to intuit and understand people’s moods and feelings and be sensitive to them. She speaks two languages and clearly is able to maintain friendships. She understands herself and gives others space to be themselves. What a beautiful person she is.

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I watched The Golden Girls growing up and strangely I don’t remember any of the episodes. I do remember that it always made me laugh and I still laugh today. I think that what I remember growing up from this show is that a quick wit is appreciated by people. Sophia is a funny character and an interesting example of humor.

We can learn from the humor of others, and also from their kindness.