New team on Strike Force is fantastic

Marvel Strike Force Logo

I wrote earlier about switching teams on a game called Marvel Strike Force. This has been my first week with them and they have been fantastic.

Since they have more members in their team, are a higher ranked team, and are more active I get more secondary benefits from being part of them. I have increased my characters faster and I am doing newer and more interesting gameplay. I probably should have switched long ago.

Marvel Strike Force Logo
marvel strike force logo

One of the things that I have enjoyed doing is learning from people more knowledgeable than myself. I was ignorant about some aspects of the game. Now I have a better grasp of how to progress even faster.

One of the touching things in this process is that the recruiter who worked with me to find me the right team asked me to share pictures of my team that show their attributes. Then he suggested what I should do to make more rapid progress. I have been doing that and winning more battles. He took the time and probably spent an hour with me working to put me in the right alliance and making sure that my skills were aligned with what that team needed. What a wonderful experience. Another cool person that I have met playing that game.

My team is friendly and switching teams has renewed my desire to play the game. I have played lots of online games but in the past they can be repetitive and this has a nice variety and change. The graphics are beautiful and no I get no benefit from sharing this. I just enjoy this game and even though it is FTP (Free to play) it does have a paid mode. The paid members are in another league but it still makes an enjoyable game. In the past, I have paid for some upgrades but don’t do that anymore. It is more important to have a good strategy than to just try to save time by paying money. Or maybe I am getting cheaper as I get older?

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Anyway, hope you have fun today and life isn’t just about work.