Restoration videos are awesome

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I love watching restoration videos. They are awesome.

Why am I sharing this? I find them inspirational. In fact, I am watching one now. How amazing is it that something that looks like junk, only needs a little love and it is as good as new? What does that say about us as a society?

It isn’t that things are junk in themselves, is it clear that we don’t take care of the things that we have. Partly because we have lost the skills to understand how to take care of them ourselves, and partly because entertainment has become a god that we must worship and consume. People buy altars for entertainment and spend thousands of dollars on TVs, equipment, and everything else so that they can consume more entertainment. There is nothing wrong with entertainment, but I often see people consuming entertainment to avoid reality and that causes a problem.

Let’s focus back on restoration videos. I used to take things apart as a kid and I am genuinely curious about how things work. To me, the reward of watching restoration videos is that I learn about mechanical things, history, and so many other aspects. I don’t think the past made everything better. I love technology and want more. I do find it interesting how we progressed and watching restoration videos helps me see the steps in evolution to where we are today.

Besides all of this, however, restoration videos are environmental. Often they can create something useful and beautiful. I like recycling and I like the fact that we can reuse these things that otherwise might just rust or fill up a landfill. I think reclaiming materials is so important. We have so much energy just sitting in landfills and one day we will be smart enough to find a way to unlock it.

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The restoration video has come to an end and once again I see something that I never knew about before. Life is richer with diversity.