Recruiters that do submission tests

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I am finding that many recruiters are including submission tests in their first contact with you. Let me give you an example.

One way of doing this is to say, send me a resume if you are interested. I don’t know if I am interested or not based on a brief description that often lacks important and basic details. In addition, my LinkedIn Profile is exactly the same as my resume. You are not going to learn anything new by receiving it. Also, I have my resume posted on my LinkedIn profile for easy download. They only need to click to download it. Why should I send you a resume when you can easily download it yourself?

Another test is you sent your resume because you are interested in the position, but they say “I can’t receive downloads on LinkedIn chat.” Fine. Then specify where and how you want the resume. I can’t tell you the number of people who can’t receive documents through the LinkedIn chat, even though it is a feature of the chat. Yes, I know that some companies restrict what you can download but why not tell the client you are working with to make it easy for them?

Another submission test is to “contact me through my calendar or email if you are interested.” I respond to the LinkedIn post in a LinkedIn message saying I am interested and what I am looking for and I get no response. Recruiters often complain that they get no response from people. Is it possible that you get no response because you give no response? Are people just reflecting on how you treat them? Why do I have to make an additional effort to contact you, when we have a perfectly adequate way to communicate with each other until more interest is generated?

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Another submission test is when they send you a text. I hate this. Don’t send me a text. I don’t like texts. I don’t respond to texts, and it is an invasion of privacy. I don’t care if you don’t want to talk on the phone. If you want to work with me, we will have a phone conversation. If you can’t face your client on the phone, you are not cut out to be a recruiter.

Another submission test is to make a calendar appointment and then to not honor it. I have had a ton of recruiters do this to me. This is why I want to get the most important details upfront so that I won’t waste anyone’s time. Or like I said in another post the language that the employer or recruiter use is deceptive and not based in reality.

I can’t forget the submission test that says this is the salary take it or leave it. Ok, I’ll leave it. When a company gives the same salary to everyone regardless of the individual skill of the employee that isn’t fair. It is fair to judge people based on their qualifications and experience and potential. Potential is hard to see I agree, but an ambitious and hardworking person has it. If they use that energy on your company, you are getting more than you are paying for. Working for someone is a privilege that the employer enjoys at the worker’s choice. The best workers go where they are appreciated and normally they are the smartest ones as well.

If you are testing people to see if they will submit to irrational, self-destructive, and abusive treatment people are recognizing this and responding appropriately.

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