Recruiters don’t call after hours

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I was relaxing after a busy day at work and my phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number but I answered it anyway. It was a recruiter asking me if I wanted to be a java developer. I said I am not a developer and they said sorry and hung up.

I have never put a developer on my resume or have any keywords that relate to it. I often get contacted for this kind of job. Why are people reaching out with job titles that have nothing to do with anything I have done?

Another recruiter contacted me and thought I might be perfect for the job he offered. I could do the job but since it was 95% remote, I told him I wasn’t interested. He asked if having to go into an office 5 days a year was so burdensome I said yes. I said that I had already gotten Covid and research shows that the more frequently you get Covid the more likely you are to have symptoms of long Covid. I told him it wasn’t worth it to me.

When people say no to a recruiter that is what we mean. I have had recruiters say what if I offered you X dollars? I said no immediately. I said to him that no amount of money is worth risking my health for. He was shocked. I told him that money doesn’t motivate me.

Recruiters/companies seem to think that people are only motivated by money. It is not true. It is one aspect, but there are other aspects as well. The higher you go in your career, the more companies need to sell themselves to you. I have options. I don’t have to take their job to survive. I am not homeless or desperate and I let recruiters know that upfront.

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I will never do business with the recruiting company that contacted me after hours. it shows a lack of courtesy to people’s personal time.