Projector image looks better when the source is PC

Projection Funny Comic

Every day you see things that surprise you. I connected one of my Macs to the projector expecting a better image, but it turns out the image was worse!

Why? On the Mac in the display properties, it showed that it correctly identified the projector and even had a color profile for it. However to share my screen with the projector I had to mirror it, and when I did that, the image looked so dark and murky. On the PC it looks clear by contrast. I can only assume that the color profile for that projector was probably a general profile for all projectors of that type since it didn’t show a model number. In this case, the projector could do better color but the computer didn’t think so. So this mac limited the color profile. There may be a newer color profile for the projector which I will look for, but the default experience was not impressive.

Projection Funny Comic
projection funny comic

On the PC it recognizes the company of the projector and some of its technical details; for the most part, the default experience is fine. I messed with the color settings to make the projected image from the Mac look better. It had to do with changing the color space from default to “user” and that made it appear more like the Mac. Still, when I switched to the PC, that adjustment made the PC projected image worse, and since I use the PC more, I can’t have that.

If I can find a new color profile I will try the Mac again, otherwise, I will just use the PC. I am surprised that the projector isn’t smarter about this. It is well known the default color temps and how they differ between the Mac/PC. It is an oversight that doesn’t enhance the reputation of the company.

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I know that some people will say just spend the 4-10k and get a projector that automatically adjusts the color. I can’t afford that right now. This is what I could afford. In the future, this will not be an issue. Things will be smarter. Until then I can figure out the best way to work with the toolset that I have.