Playing games safe way to test out ideas

safety net comic

One of the things that I love most about playing games is it is a safe way to test out ideas. I played Cities Skyline yesterday and each time I play I try to learn a new aspect of this complex game.

Yesterday I made my first overpass. When you are afraid of heights you don’t want to leave the ground, but when you drive sometimes you must. I don’t mind driving over a bridge high up in the air because, for the most part, I am focused ahead and don’t think about the height I am at. It’s one thing to be aware of risks, but it’s another to feel the risk is likely to happen.

Driving through a tunnel also causes conflicting feelings in me. In the game this weekend I also started making my first underpasses, and that was interesting as well. It is a great traffic solution, but a little non-intuitive at first. I like feeling protected in the cave, but I also feel a little claustrophobic if the ends closed and I became trapped. I know unlikely to happen, but having an exit is a really nice option.

I have read that war vets will sit with their backs to the wall and always know of multiple exits because of trauma. I haven’t been to the war but I can appreciate anyone who wants to keep their options open in regards to their physical presence. Does being aware of the dangers of life make you wise or foolish? Maybe a little bit of both. You are wise to know there is a risk, and foolishness because you may be concerned about things that aren’t going to happen.

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For me doing the over/underpass this weekend represented a shift in my thinking. I think that my sims can be ok with it and I can too. It is funny how even in games we allow our personality and values to color our judgment.