Philosophies on Management Part 2

'Remarkable buried in red tape. We don't often get one from middle management.'

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Continuing our adventure our intrepid IT guy discovered the next day that the software that was purchased allowed him to complete it in 30 minutes which would have taken 8 more additional hours. Or another $160 in costs. He was thrilled to be able to save the drudgery of that work.

'Remarkable buried in red tape. We don't often get one from middle management.'
‘Remarkable buried in red tape. We don’t often get one from middle management.’

Employees are motivated to be lazy. Smart people are motivated to be lazy. Everyone wants to do things in an efficient way, yet it takes money/time to invest in getting to that kind of level. What always surprises me is that companies think that they don’t have to spend money to be efficient.

I have worked for many companies that have lost market share and were dying and they always tried to save money on technology. That is the last thing to do. The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of every company is giving smart people the best tools for their job.

I see every day the results of mismanaged IT spending. Money gets spent on projects that don’t make a difference, and not enough invested in what really matters. It is difficult for decision-makers to get intelligence from the front line when they don’t always ask the front-line people. In those cases then the front-line people have to proactively let decision-makers know what the company needs, and their ideas on how to give it to them.

Of course, decision-makers always have the authority to change their ideas. However, you should always gather ideas from your team to perhaps educate you in ways you may not have considered. At times people suggest ideas to me that I wouldn’t have considered. It is very difficult no matter how experienced you are to act as though you know it all. A better attitude is to say “I am not sure, but I will find out and let you know.” This is what I say when someone asks if something is possible.

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All things are technically possible, just not always practical.