Paying more and getting less with cell phone service

Ernestine The Operator

I had a friend that I helped get a Tmobile account years ago when I had one. I then changed from Tmobile because it got worse and more expensive. My friend wanted to stay with it even when I said the new service was better.

No this isn’t a sponsored post and I don’t get any benefit from sharing this. Recently they had more issues with their cell phone service and finally switched over to the current cell phone provider I have. I helped them make this switch. It took about 30 minutes mostly waiting for Tmobile to release the number. However, since this was done she said that she had had 3 times the service strength in bars and seen the 5G which she never saw before with her old service. She no longer has dropped calls or a distorted-sounding voice when we talk. I am thrilled.

Ernestine The Operator
Ernestine the operator

I have switched cell phone companies often in my life. There is no advantage to staying with one, and often a different company does things better. When companies feel the pressure of competition things improve, and one sign of a monopoly is that things never improve.

When I was a kid I remember how upset people were about talking about how MaBell was breaking up. I didn’t fully understand it, but I did understand that in my short life to that point the phones were always the same. It was the same handset that most people had and the long distance was very expensive. In All in the Family, they have some phone scenes where they talk to an operator and are very concerned about the price of long-distance calls. I know that my relatives were always very concerned about the price of long-distance calls. Now cell phone companies throw long-distance in for free.

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If you are having problems with your cell phone service, it is worth your time to try another carrier. It takes some effort in life to solve problems, but doing so makes your life easier. Oh for my friend they will be saving almost $500 a year and for better service. It’s an easy decision, isn’t it?