OpenSuse has presentation mode and possible solution to TV as a monitor

Display Configuration
Display Configuration
display configuration

According to its own description, it says “This will prevent your computer and screen from turning off automatically.” Wow, this sounds just like what the doctor ordered.

It was not enabled by default since people would probably wonder why their screen/computer wasn’t turning off when they were expected to. I have enabled this now and will report back if it fails to solve the problem. Which is leaving the computer for a few minutes and having to connect the TV through its HDMI connection since it drops the connection to my ThinkPad.

Now you might ask yourself, if this prevents it from disconnecting then what will happen to sleep? When sleep kicks it it cuts the connection. So if you are frequently away from your computer then you might want to adjust the time on the screensaver. For me, I set the time to be 60 minutes for the screensaver. I don’t want to be in a meeting and have it lose its connection if I don’t press a key or interact with the computer.

When the TV lost the connection in the past, the primary desktop which I set to be the TV was reset back to the built-in screen. That makes perfect sense. It should act that way. The behavior of errors in Linux has been very logical. I like that it has a failsafe back to a position that makes sense.

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