OneSignal notification for new users has been great

onesignal photo

Why am I talking about this now? I think I made a mistake when I was cleaning up my database and deleted part of my API key. It started giving me 400 errors when I post. If this posts without that error then things are back to normal. I have 21 people subscribed to get notifications when I have new content. Isn’t that neat?

I loved RSS when it was popular and used to read the RSS reader everyday. When that was no longer popular I looked for a way to make it easy for people to get new content from my website. I found this OneSignal service and it has been fantastic. They have offered a free tier and support is outstanding. When I messaged them today about this they immediately responded in 15 minutes. I couldn’t believe it. I have paid companies for support that ignored me.

I have to be honest that when I first tried this plugin I got frustrated because it didn’t seem to be working. When I reached out to support they fixed the issue immediately and it was probably my fault. When you are learning something new sometimes you feel frustrated and when an IT person helps you patiently it means all the difference. For that reason, I strongly recommend this company.

Support is the key factor to making something work well. When this works I will respond to the person giving the excellent support letting them know it works. When you close the loop and let people know that something worked that they helped you with, it helps them have a good attitude and help others and you in the future. We all work together to solve problems, don’t we?

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This is not a commercial. They have not paid me to say this, but I would work with them in the future when clients have needs they can fix. They have proven themselves to be a great partner!