NVIDIA graphics card is both impressive and stressful

Graphics Card Comic

My MSI computer and NVIDIA GPU have been both impressive and stressful.

Today for example it has been showing graphic distortion. It strangely doesn’t seem to update graphics properly on the screen and did some screen tearing when I first started up the computer this morning. Now I am stressed that it might be a new issue.

Ever since I got the computer the output image is both the best and worst I have seen. It is incredible how beautiful the games are when I have played them. I enjoyed several games and they looked better than the PS5 with flagship AAA games that I have played. The downside is that just using it as a business computer has lots of visual glitches and that’s kind of annoying.

Graphics Card Comic
graphics card comic

Another thing it does is hold UI elements on the screen even after refreshing the screen. I have to change the resolution to get rid of it.  Now to be perfectly honest I probably have a non-standard setup. I have it output to a 55-inch Sony and I have it zoomed 200% so it is easier to read. It is not easy to read 4k resolution at 15 feet. I rarely use the built-in screen and when I have used it to just change the output settings I don’t recall having a graphics issue. So NVIDIA probably didn’t do testing with a TV and the unique settings that I have. I can’t blame them. They probably expect a regular computer monitor and may have tested for that.

Now I have a 2-year warranty so I shouldn’t be stressed about if there is another problem. I thought NVIDIA would give me the best experience but spending the extra money hasn’t shown me that. I won’t be buying another one in the future, but this was certainly educational.

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My friend who plays a ton of games has a self-built PC with a lower-end card and runs his monitor in 1080P. He says he doesn’t see any difference in other resolutions and says he doesn’t have problems with his setup. Kindly he offered to help me build a PC but due to living in an apartment and often moving, I didn’t want the extra size/weight. For me, I will always have a laptop. They are just so compelling.