My gaming laptop MSI is returning tomorrow

Msi Raider Image

The MSI I sent in was quickly repaired and they said it should return tomorrow according to the tracking. It was a fast repair.

It took about 3 days to repair it and 1 more to send it out on a Saturday. Unfortunately, the case notes don’t say what was wrong, but hopefully like Apple, they will include a document that states what hardware was replaced or what service was done. The fact that it took 3 days makes me believe it was either waiting in line or a more complex fix that supports the hardware issues that it seemed to display.

Msi Raider Image
MSI raider image

I am looking forward to having it back. The current computer is working fine but I want to play games suddenly when I can’t. We only seem to want something when we don’t have it. Aren’t we humans funny?

Why am I sharing this? In the email they sent FedEx offered to let me change the details about the package delivery if I wanted. I didn’t. I have never sent in a computer during the holidays so I didn’t expect to get it back so quickly frankly. I was okay with it taking time and being sent back after Christmas or even New Year. There are times when companies don’t have the parts and hold the laptop until the parts come in. That has happened with Apple and the longest that I had to wait was several months while the parts were waiting to come in. Fortunately, it was for a company, not an individual so it wasn’t an issue.

Of course, I would be also thrilled to know it wasn’t a hardware issue. If they found some software that I installed caused a problem or Windows 11 is known to be incompatible, that is nice to know as well. It came with Windows 10 and for the most part, new computers can upgrade to Windows 11 without issues. If I have to use Windows 10 to play games, then that’s uncomfortable but at least I will have confirmed it. I like to be on the newest software for security reasons.

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Now another choice of course would be to install Linux since Steam has some support for it. This would be complicating matters however and I would prefer to avoid emulation or virtual environments if possible. I am not against Linux I just like Windows/Mac more.

I’ll keep you updated on what I find out.