No one believes you

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No one believes you, and that is ok.

I have spent countless hours in my silly youth thinking that if I listened to people well enough they would listen to me. It didn’t happen. People are not skilled at listening, and they are not skilled at looking at their beliefs.

Why is this? Why do people believe their reality is the “real” reality? I question myself daily and I admit that what I think and feel has been programmed into me by a thousand different influences. Yet many people approach life like “of course it has to be this way” without any critical thought whatsoever.

It isn’t related to intelligence. It isn’t about character or anything else like that. It seems to be related to a fundamental ability to question reality and to adjust your views to it. Time after time I have seen people achieve insight into their lives and then forget what they learned.

I don’t understand it. How can you be shown something amazing and forget to learn from its lesson? I can only conclude that the realization that you have to change after you learn something is something that people don’t wish to do. When you ask someone to listen to you, you are asking them to challenge part of themself and most people are not ready to do that.

Be comfortable in the fact in life that in reality, no one believes you, and no one listens to you.

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