No I wasn’t trying to troll you

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You may have started to read the last post and then it was cut off. This was unexpected. I updated one of my plugins called WP LinkedIn Auto Publish this morning since there was an update.

This controls auto-publishing from WordPress to Linkedin. When I went to look at what I had published, it only showed part of the first paragraph of what I wrote. However there were no errors in posting. Clearly, this is a bug.

This is to explain why this occurred. I am not trying to force you to go to my website, but there are advantages to going there. Often the formatting is nicer. LinkedIn doesn’t seem to like numbered lists using this tool and strips out formatting including hard-coded links to other resources. I understand it wants you to use its publishing tool, but I like having the freedom of choosing my platforms.

One of the other benefits of going to my site is that I have in-text links to other stories that might interest you if you like my content. That doesn’t show on LinkedIn. Again I am not trying to sell you to visit my site, but explain how you can get more details. Every article I post has at least one external link and often sometimes more. My goal is to be useful, not sell anything.

I have tried many plugins to publish to LinkedIn but they take a lot of work to keep going. I have not found any plugin that does exactly what I want in this regard. If someone has suggestions I am open to them. I have tried dozens of them so far.

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