New glasses had a problem – customer service was nice


I shared I got new glasses recently. I had a problem with one of the ear tips breaking. I was disappointed and wanted to give them feedback.

The web form didn’t work. Ok, so I tried again. Same error. I called the number and spoke to someone who explained that I couldn’t submit it on the web form due to an error. She thanked me and then listened to my concern. She agreed that it shouldn’t have been a problem, and said that the company should have had a kit to repair the glasses. The authorized retailer told me that didn’t think they had a spare tip to give me and said they might have to order it. Then they magically found one.

Lots of mistakes with customer service. I explained how I had never had a problem with this in my lifetime of wearing many kinds of glasses and that it didn’t impress me with the brand quality. She agreed that this was unusual and thanked me for my feedback. She probably hated my guts, but it sounded like she listened anyway.

Often when you tell a vendor that their quality is terrible they will take steps to improve it. If my right tip has a problem then I will ask for a refund or trade from the eye shop/doctor that sold me these. They look nice but if the rubber parts can’t last 3 months of almost no use it doesn’t give me a good feeling about the lifetime of the glasses.

Now I know that rubber/plastic parts break and that is normal. However for it to come defective is not a great QC (quality control) process. If this is what their brand does, I don’t want any part of it. I have had problems with other glasses but that was often due to my old fault. I don’t blame brands if the glasses were abused or had an accident. I take responsibility for that.

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Customers have choices and that’s what I communicated to that brand today.