Never going to use AI writing on this website

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I am never going to use AI writing on this website. I tried it, but it is not my style.

I’m not telling you what you should do. I am just saying that I like expressing myself and I like having occasional mistakes slip through. I use Grammarly and attempt to be perfect, but alas I am not perfect so sorry if I disappoint you.

Why am I writing a post about this? Simply to say that no matter how good AI gets there is something essentially human about expressing yourself and sharing your unique POV. I have seen mediocrity all of my life. I expect that as people use AI that mediocrity will be even more apparent. Let’s be honest. People are lazy. All kinds of people I know are using AI and not being transparent about it. I don’t care if you use a tool, but don’t pass off something as your own that isn’t. That is dishonest.

Do you know what else is silly? In society, we reward people who cheat. I shared that I recently took the test for the AI certificate and it asked me not to cheat and said if it detected cheating it would ban my account. I don’t need to be threatened to take a test.  I do things honestly and if I don’t pass, then great. Certifications don’t mean anything to me if I didn’t do it honestly.

This is not me trying to show how wonderful I am. This is me saying that if I had cheated, then I could have passed many certification tests in the past and looked like I was a smarter person. Some recruiters ask if you have certain certifications and if I had gotten them by cheating, then I would have more money. It isn’t worth it. You don’t always get discovered if you cheat. You often know enough from your other experience to figure things out. I personally have never felt that certification has opened a door that wasn’t already opened by my other experience.

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However, people who lie and say they know more than they do are often believed and rewarded. Then when what they managed fails, they already have the money and are off to ruin another business. I have worked for many businesses where leaders made bad decisions and then moved on to other businesses while leaving the former company in tatters. If this is leadership by failure, I don’t want to be a part of it.

For you not being transparent using AI language may work for you. I am not judging you and writing may not be a skill you possess. Thats fine. It is apparent who is truly creative with words, and who with deception appears to be competent.