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Your ability to communicate is part of what makes a recruiter want to contact you. Make your writing stand out by using Grammarly.

It is elementary when you write to make a typo or a silly mistake. To write well takes lots of time, an editor or a tool like Grammarly. Since I don’t want to spend lots of time with each post and I can’t afford an editor, having Grammarly is my quality assurance.

I like writing and I used to be a newspaper reporter so it is fun to just write and see what happens. One of the downsides of this approach is that sometimes you can fall into old habits. One of my weaknesses, when I write, is not always using commas. It is kind of funny. I write exactly how I speak and I focus on the content. However, the delivery is just as important as the content and Grammarly enforces this.

Your resume needs to be written by a professional writer. Even if you are a good writer you lack the objectivity to see your career in the same way someone else sees it. What seems obvious to you is not obvious to others. Every time that I have paid a professional resume writer to edit my resume I have seen both the number and quality of leads increase. People like seeing well-written documents, and when they interview you and you speak well then they are interested in interviewing you.

If you don’t have a website or at least write posts on LinkedIn how are recruiters going to gauge your ability to communicate? Why should they take a chance on you when others seem to be more successful? Let’s be honest most people are lazy. You have to hook people’s attention with who you are and then they will be interested in learning your details.

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This is what has worked for me. Your mileage may vary.