Recruiters contacting me have been intense

recruiters group comic

I have never had so many recruiters contacting me. This is not to brag, but simply to say that recruiters are really struggling to find workers.

Even when you turn off your LinkedIn open to new jobs they contact you. I have been getting more recruiters with jobs that I am clearly not qualified for. I wonder why they do this? For example yesterday I had someone contact me for a job that had nothing to do with anything I put on my resume. I didn’t have a single keyword and yet they said in their email they think I would be perfect for the position.

I can understand that when Boomers retire finally some of those jobs are opening up. However many Gen X people like myself have given up on that lifestyle. The idea that we will live the same lifestyle other people choose is a faulty one. I think one of the most helpful things from this challenging two year period has shown is that people are redefining what a meaningful life means to them. No longer will they allow money to determine their choices.

Another thing that surprises me is that recruiters think that money will solve their problems. I had a recruiter contact me for a position that I was well-qualified for and when he said it was on-site I said I wasn’t interested and thanked him for his time. He said wait you haven’t heard the salary yet. I said it doesn’t matter what the salary is if I have to be on-site. He was shocked. I am not motivated by money and growing numbers of people see the value of having choices rather than not. What surprises me is that recruiters think that everyone is motivated by money. Everyone is an individual.

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Everyone has to do what they think is best for their situation. I know that working remotely is best for mine.