Needed reliable shower curtain hooks

shower hangers screenshot

My old shower curtain hooks broke, so I needed something to replace them. I found this!

It isn’t fancy or expensive but it has worked for me. Since they are metal they really glide over the rod and make it so easy to open the curtain. Before I had plastic hooks and it was a struggle to open the shower curtain.

First world problems right? Struggling to open the shower curtain? It does make a difference though. I bought cheap ones before because I was in an apartment that was cheap and didn’t think that the shower rings mattered.  They lasted about 8 years, so it isn’t terrible but it isn’t great either to waste resources.

Hopefully, I will keep these longer and they will last longer than the plastic ones. They make a bit more sound than the plastic ones which is ok. I don’t mind a little noise for the tradeoff of reliability.

Is there a downside? Not really. It was easy to put the shower curtain in the loops and I just chose the plain style since I had a chrome shower curtain rod that would minimize the distraction.

What else is there to say? This is a simple product and I have had it for a year and no problems with it. I thought it might get rusty but so far so good. It wasn’t excessively packaged that it came in so that was ok too. The product was quick to ship and I got it the next day.

If your needs are modest and you aren’t going for a particular look, these might fit the bill. Good luck!

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