Needed a new Magsafe iPhone mount for car

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Iphone Funny Comic
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My old Magsafe iPhone mount for the car didn’t work with a new iPhone so I researched and found this one by ESR. No, I am not getting a benefit from sharing this.

My experience with this was excellent. It was easily installed and the strong magnet allows you to flip the phone from horizontal to vertible screen orientation easily. In addition, since it is not on the dash it doesn’t obstruct the view, which makes it safer.

The price was reasonable and it arrived fast and was nicely packaged. Is there a downside? Not so far. I have used many iPhone mounting kits and this one seems to be the best so far. I did some research and the reviews on this were almost all positive. It is rare to see online reviews with almost all positive reviews. It speaks to the quality of the product.

One of the downsides of having an iPhone is buying accessories like this to make it practical. It isn’t practical to leave it in the cup holder because it can move around on rough roads. It isn’t practical to put it on my person because I need to have a clear signal with my Bluetooth receiver so that I can hear the driving instructions through the car stereo. I also like to charge it, and having it on the vents makes it easy and clean to charge it with the charging cable.

Since it is black it fades into the background of the vent color and you don’t notice it. Unlike my last one which was in the middle of the dash and took up lots of space. For the about $25 it costs, it will protect my phone and make my life easier. Well worth it.

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