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Need to rename files in your WordPress Media library?

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It isn’t straightforward as you might think. I installed the plugin Renamer from Jordy Meow and renaming files is simple.

not funny comicHe offers AI integration if you download another one of his plugins. I use his excellent Database Cleaner to keep my WordPress database clean of junk and it has been wonderful. One-click, or with advanced options if you know what you are doing. It has worked great.

I am not selling this just sharing what I find useful. I thought that Renamer made changing the file names easy. Why would I care about the names of the media that are attached to posts? For several reasons. One, I can reuse some of them since I don’t want to just have to find a new image for every story like I am doing now. Two, it looks nicer when I am scrolling through the media library. Three, helps me understand and remember the images that I have. It’s a review/audit of what I have. That always reduces waste when you know what you have. Four, it helps your SEO ranking and improves it.

Earlier readers might remember that I reached out to Mr. Meow for help with one of his plugins. I thought it was misbehaving, but it was an unsupported feature of a website that I was confused about. He responded and offered to help but by that time I had figured it out myself. He was very pleasant and I appreciated him being so quick to respond to a non-paying customer. When I need a plugin I look through his stuff first. I will buy something from him when I need it, to support the great work he has already done.

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The other nice thing about his plugins is that he frequently updates them. You won’t need to worry about it becoming obsolete. He updates them so much that sometimes I get tired of seeing the updates. However, with WordPress auto-update, it really takes the pain away so it’s more of an informational thing than a real issue. What is the downside of his plugins? I can’t think of any real issues.