Need to organize thin cables?

usb cord management screenshot

You might want to use this product. It has worked great to organize the power cable for my Dashcam in my car.

The only downside is that one of them out of 10 fell off, but that was probably my fault for not sticking it long enough to the surface. The replacement has stuck perfectly. To be honest, I didn’t clean that old sticker that was there enough as well, so I don’t fault the stickiness of this product.

I choose this color because my car is white and I thought it would be the least disruptive to the color scheme. I really don’t notice it when I am in the car anymore. I didn’t use the larger pieces and gave those to a friend. Too often things are more than you need. Companies need to sell things per piece although I know that may not be profitable.

Is there a downside to using this? Not really. They don’t smell bad, and the flexible plastic allows you to use a large variance in sizes. I could have used the extra to manage my computer cables, but I often move cables and devices so that doesn’t really make sense for me.

The price seemed fair to me. I know they cost very little but the demand for them is pretty small. I don’t mind paying for something that works well. They come in different colors and sizes from other companies, but based on the reviews this seemed like the best choice for me.

Good luck in keeping your life organized!

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