I am sick today an I am trying out a cleaning service. Don’t worry I will be wearing a mask and all windows will be open so I won’t get anyone sick.

As much as I want to clean the place myself I don’t have the energy. I did a search and found a highly reputable place and now the person who is vaxxed and masked is coming over soon. I am hopeful that I don’t get sick from them. I am sure they hope the same.

If it was a company I knew or used before I might trust them to clean and stay in the car. However I have valuable work equipment here and I can’t take the risk of them being tempted to steal something. I don’t think they will do that, but desperate people make bad choices and not tempting people is probably the best strategy.

Whenever I start to feel sick I go to bed early and try to get more rest. Last night I went to bed at 8 when I usually go to bed at 10. So since today was the perfect day to have some cleaning done I’m going to stay in my room with all the windows open and close the door and wear my mask and hope I am ok.

I don’t like being antisocial. If Covid wasn’t here I’d probably be helping clean myself. I have up to 5 hours of deep cleaning scheduled, but I doubt that she will need more than 3. I have a small apartment and it is pretty clean. I don’t have clutter. I stopped here and checked out the clutter situation. Very good. Everything is as organized as it can be for the cleaning person.

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Now I am back to bed and resting for the rest of the day.