Nature’s Bakery Organic Oatmeal Crumble Strawberry & Apple Bars delicious treat

Natures Bakery Oatmeal Crumble

I ordered these today from Costco for same-day delivery and they were delicious. Nature’s Bakery wasn’t my favorite in the past but something spoke to me so I thought I’d take a chance. I am glad I did.

I have other foods that I have shared that I found delicious like this list of 5 items. I regularly try new foods because life is delicious, isn’t it? Plus if I don’t like it, then my poor friends have to suffer with extra treats. They don’t seem to mind.

Natures Bakery Oatmeal Crumble
natures bakery oatmeal crumble

No, I am not getting any benefit from sharing this. I found the treats to be very crumbly and easy to eat. They had lots of wholesome ingredients and avoided milk which is crucial for me. I seem to do best on a milk-free, vegan diet. Since I have done this I haven’t had the stomachaches that I used to get and it has just been a pleasure to eat.

Is there a downside to these treats? Well only that they are so good you might overdo it. Seriously I am tempted right now to get another one even though I have already had both flavors. My stomach says yes and no. If I overeat I will be sorry so that’s why it says no. But the devil on the other shoulder says your taste buds will thank you. Well, my taste buds get me in trouble many times, so I am not listening to them anymore. I love oatmeal and apple/strawberry so for me this is a winner on all counts.

They are individually packed so would be easy for treats for kids or lunch. I am impressed with how much better food is becoming. It is a pleasure to be able to have access to food like this.

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