My three best friends in Linux: Brave, Konsole & Discover

Opensuse Discover Screenshot
Opensuse Discover Screenshot
OpenSuse Discover screenshot

I have used three programs more than any other in OpenSuse Linux. Brave, Konsole & Discover.

Brave browser goes without saying. It is just as fantastic in Linux as it is on Mac/Windows. Fast and looks the same. For some reason I expected it to look different. I guess I figured it would incorporate the UI elements but I’m glad it doesn’t. Brave still has some work to do on its UI but as a program and what it can do it is fantastic. I will continue to search for other super apps to see how I can limit the software that I need to download.

Konsole is the terminal application. It is where I get to do all of the fun stuff that IT people love to do. I must admit that the more that I use the terminal the more that I love it. For example, yesterday when I wrote about Distroboxes I shared a video that had some command line controls. They very quickly and easily allowed me to set it up and it was a pleasure. It was fun to see other Linux OS in OpenSuse. This will be covered in more detail in the next post. Many nice things about the terminal can help you. For example, I love the history command. Then I can reuse commands instead of retyping them. What a time-saver that is!

Discover has multiple purposes. First, it is the way that you discover new applications and it easily lets you search for things in a GUI interface. I think most users will love this and it is on the taskbar by default so even with no knowledge people will find it. Second, when updates need to happen it happens through there. This is great for two reasons. It isn’t a new UI window you have to learn, and when you are looking for software you have a chance to see that updates need to be applied. Thoughtful touch. Now interestingly there is also a software update tool on the system. They both allow you to do updates but Discover makes it easy, and Software Update allows you to be more advanced. I like how they have broken it out into different tools for the home user and for the system administrator. Very nice team!

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Runners up for this are Dolphin which is Windows Explorer/Mac Finder window. I use that frequently as I write these articles to deal with images and files. I also often use the sound control panel which is just its own bit of fabulousness. Honestly, I don’t know why OpenSuse isn’t more popular. I have used all of the major versions of Linux and this by far is the best.