MSI computer uses Click Bios to manage partitions


Why am I sharing this? It was kind of annoying to have to select F11 every day that I booted into Linux Mint.

Now I went into the BIOS and changed my boot loader. So I have two bootloaders. The default MSI Click Bios boot loader and the GNU GRUB boot loader. If this doesn’t make sense, then this article is not for you.

I read some guides on how to change the order of the GNU grub loader and I did it and I didn’t see any difference. I found out that it was a bug. Now since I have not used Windows 11 for a while, I wonder if I am eventually just going to delete it. I still have a computer with Windows 11 Pro and dual booting just takes up extra hard disk space and for what? An emergency that might never happen?

Being curious I looked at some third-party boot loaders. I think it would make more sense to just wipe Windows 11 at this point and install a different Linux version. I’ve given this some thought. More research to do after I write this post.

After you use Linux for a while, Windows and Mac seem time-consuming and awkward by comparison. For example, Linux Mint includes the apps that I most need to use. It included a version of a word processor that let me make changes to Word files. That was fantastic. I didn’t have to download and install another app. I like the thoughtful touches they have made to make the average person’s experience wonderful.

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