Believe those who have nothing to push

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Believe people who have nothing to push.

I used to think that well-intentioned people who didn’t appear to benefit from giving advice were someone I could learn something from. Yes, I learned to ignore them. Almost universally advice is useless.

So why am I talking and what am I doing? I am sharing my experience so that you can learn and draw your own conclusions. I have repeatedly said to challenge what I say and find the truth. The truth is not contained in any of us. We are like an ant trying to understand the universe. Our feeble minds cannot possibly understand it given our human limitations.

Why am I so sure of this? Look at how slowly science progresses. We have so much trouble letting go of assumptions, and genius like Einstein’s are so few and far between they practically make no difference to the mass of people. The simple fact is that those of us who aren’t genius can’t possibly understand what seems so apparent to genius. I must admit that I have tried to understand Einstein’s theories and find them most challenging. Genius often speaks its own language and those of us who aren’t at that level, just don’t have a hope of understanding.

Yet some genius can break things down in a simple way and Einstein did that so that some people can understand those theories. This article isn’t about genius but rather our own human limitations. Genius sometimes exceeds those limitations, but for the most part, we are monkeys and worse with a determination to apparently kill the environment we live in.

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What value is any object when the temperature causes mass starvation, geopolitical instability, and a hellscape on earth? This isn’t my opinion, this is the report from the Defense Department of the United States. Look at the bottom line. Is what this person suggesting going to help move the human race forward, or it is another vain attempt to feel important?