More men went missing in 2022 than women

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274,634-The number of missing male persons in the US in 2022

271,326-The number of missing female persons in the US in 2022.

See the data here. If you register you get access to see the source/document. It is from the FBI.

From the same source:

Missing Man Photo
missing man photo
Why people go missing
There are many reasons why people go missing; some are kidnapped, some purposefully go missing - in order to escape abuse, for example - and some, usually children, are runaways. What persists in the imagination when thinking of missing persons, however, are kidnapping victims, usually due to extensive media coverage of child kidnappings by the media.

Why am I sharing this? I try to learn and test the information and current assumptions. I watched a video where a woman shared that when she goes on a first date she lets her location be known, shares the conversation/profile with her friend/mother, texts every 30 minutes on the date, and does other things to feel safe. I have had women tell me that they fear men and so I am just trying to understand the risks that people are exposed to.

So I did some research and last year more men went missing than women in 2022.  So as a man, I have a valid right to feel unsafe for my safety on a first date, and we all men should do this since we are more likely to end up missing than women.

Yes, I can hear people saying now “If men purposefully go missing then they are just trying to hide their shady and evil self.” We don’t know that. The fact that there is a gap of thousands between men and women points out that both genders are at risk. Unless a man drops out of work, becomes a transient and illegal, or has money connections, it is very unlikely that a man can support himself by trying to hide himself.

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Let’s be generous and say that 50% of those men are trying to avoid the system. What about the other 50%? Where is the concern about these missing men? Of course, every missing person is a tragedy. Where is the search for these men?