More experience playing Steam on Linux isn’t great

Best Linux Gaming Distributions
Best Linux Gaming Distributions
Best Linux gaming distributions

I played Steam on Linux yesterday for most of the day. I played the old Fallout game which wasn’t great.

For the most part, it worked fine. At times it would freeze and I just assumed that was the game saving itself which it did frequently. I tried both the latest Proton release in Steam and the experimental release and for me, the experimental release worked better. I also allowed the window to be full screen, so that might have fixed the earlier frequent freezing problems that it had as well.

Now part of this may be that I haven’t spent enough time investigating how NVIDIA is configured. I installed the driver but there is no UI interface for it so I can’t easily see if it has options or not. I will investigate more after I finish the post. If it turns out that I had the video driver misconfigured I will own up to it and then reset everything. Out of the box, it is glitchy and it was both functional and sometimes funky on my computer.

I tried playing Cities Skyline again with Proton enabled but it didn’t seem to help it much. Cities Skyline just isn’t a usable experience in Linux so far with me. Again I could be doing something wrong. It wasn’t very usable in Windows either so I blame NVIDIA for that more than the OS.

Well, let me see if I can figure out if NVIDIA is correctly configured. It doesn’t feel like it is optimized. This is a modern card. I can’t believe it is functioning so poorly.

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