Going to run the latest Mac OS in VirtualBox

Goat On Moon
Goat On Moon
goat on moon

I am downloading an ISO of the latest Mac OS to install in VirtualBox. I am curious what the performance will be.

This is also part of my plan earlier to donate my MacBook Pro. I found someone who wants it, and if this allows me to test Mac software then I will be thrilled to have one less machine to worry about and maintain.

Does this mean that the Mac has no part of my life anymore? Of course not. I will support and help companies with it and it will still be part of my life. I just won’t spend my money on buying it anymore. I don’t tend to support monopolies and Apple has long become that. I have also investigated using a different kind of phone than the iPhone and that will probably be the next phone that I buy.

Right now this huge 14GB download is happening from Apple and I am thrilled. It is taking about 15 minutes, and since I have a gig connection I am just thrilled with that. It is such a pleasure having a fast internet connection. It makes what you do such a pleasure.

What if I use VB and don’t find it to do the job? Well, that is ok too. Apple rumors say that a cheap Mac is supposed to come out soon, and I am curious about that. I might buy that just as an educational thing. I thought you said you don’t want to spend your money on buying it anymore. That is true. However, I also have a responsibility for clients who are paying for my professional advice and if that means that I have to research something and expense it then I will do so. The company can own that hardware. I don’t need it.

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There is a point in your life where you realize what you used to buy doesn’t make you happy anymore. That point has been reached with Mac/Windows laptops.