Mondays nature is to be difficult

Monday Comic

It’s okay that Monday always seems to be difficult no matter what you do.

Part of the problem is people’s unrealistic ideas. People always think that things will be easier than they are. They always think that things are simple, and if things aren’t simple then they don’t want to know the details.

Monday Comic
Monday comic

What I have noticed is that on Monday when things go wrong, people don’t handle it well. Rather than keep their commitments they get frustrated and just blow people off. People who don’t keep commitments are not worth dealing with. If people can’t be trusted, then what is the point of dealing with them? Just lots of heartache and sorrow.

I don’t like drama. If people make excuses then I don’t want to deal with them. Life is difficult, and that’s why you need to carefully consider what you can accomplish and promise appropriately. Monday is the day when people’s expectations and reality meet. Reality always has a complexity that simple-minded ideas can’t handle.

When Monday is frustrating just breathe and let it go, if it were easy people would complain about Tuesday.

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