Might be best to avoid Discord for the moment

Marriage Online Comic

Discord is having its own set of issues right now. Malware, misinformation, and more at this link.

The reason I share this is because I shared earlier that when I tried out Discord it worked very well for me. I tried it because a friend suggested it and was an easy way to communicate while we were mutually playing a game together. It had great audio quality and I wrote more about that here.

Discord now joins a growing list where illegal activity is openly allowed. I also found that Telegram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other networks were dominated by illegal activity. I didn’t have to look for the illegal activity it found me.

Marriage Online Comic
marriage online comic

Now this is not a rant about illegal activity. You can find illegal activity wherever people are. It is simply to share that you might want to limit your activity there if you are concerned about the possibility of getting malware on your devices.

As long as we are talking about illegal activity online there is a growing illegal activity on LinkedIn as well. Weekly or more often, I get contacted by scammers, impersonators, and more. I reported them and they still continue to come. It is seriously making me think of reducing the groups that I belong to so that it is harder for strangers to contact me. This kind of thing makes people less willing to take a chance with others.

I am only using LinkedIn as my social network. If this becomes overrun with junk then I will just have to go solo and have a website. How sad that social networks can’t protect their members from unwanted material.

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