Discord worked pretty well for me

hardware encouragement comic

I used Discord for the second time last night. It worked pretty well for me.

Why did I use it? A friend suggested this was the way that you communicate with your team when you play an online game. I was playing The Division with him and so I figured why not? I’ll do what the kids are doing. I have to say that the voice quality was great. It was surprisingly better than Teams/Zoom and didn’t have any of the audio defects I have heard from them in the past.

Was there a downside? Not really. I even used the screen sharing functionality when I got stuck in looking at something in the map and not zooming out far enough. That was nice. It is a nice feature for people who may not be able to afford the classic remote control software packages.

Why did I use Discord the first time? A developer from one of the WordPress plugins said that was the way that he gave technical support, so I made an account and got support. Turns out that I was using a discontinued feature of another software, which wasn’t his fault. He gladly refunded my money and I told him how impressed I have been with the quality of his software and he would be the first choice when I need something.

It appears I am a gamer now. Gamer trifecta has been achieved. Gaming laptop-check. Gaming headset-check. Discord game server use-check. Did I leave anything out?


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