Feeling powerless in life

powerless comic

In the face of news that is tragic, it is easy to feel powerless in life.

No this isn’t a feel good post about how you should accept feeling powerless and let the world destroy itself. This is rather a call to arms to find a way to express your displeasure and to take steps to change the world.

Why are things that hurt others allowed? It is because we fail to act to change them. Every day I do everything I can to change the world that I live in. I support causes that I believe in, and I help and support people who are working to change the world. I stop buying and supporting companies that hurt others like my list Companies to Avoid and Companies to support.  I research before I buy anything, so that it doesn’t hurt anyone by buying it. I look to reduce the impact that I have on everyone as far as I am able.

In some ways I can’t reduce my impact. I can’t change certain things like using electricity from dirty sources. I am currently saving up to get a condo and maybe that place will have solar that I can participate in or I can help encourage them to get solar. I have a solar panel hanging out my window so I am doing what I can to reduce my energy usage. I don’t fly, I don’t travel, and may people would say I don’t have a life. There is a balance between your needs and the needs of the world, and I think on the whole in the US we are way out of balance for the individual.

Wealthy individuals consume at rates that the average world citizen could not consume in their lifetimes. In a very real way, our selfishness is killing not only ourselves but others in the world. Global warming is forecasted to kill hundreds of millions and possibly and likely cause global fish collapse. How can one person make a difference?

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One person makes a difference when others are inspired to act in the same way. When we start to reduce the amount of meat we eat, not because of some vegan ideal but because science shows that overeating meat is linked with disease. That is enlightened self-interest. It in our self-interest to help others to live because we need people all over the world to maintain and grow an acceptable standard of living.

It is easy to cause division, discord and hate.  It takes someone who is patient, kind and willing to look at their own life to make real change in the world. Is that you?