Microsoft has Autopilot version 2 available!

Autopilot Diagnostics
Autopilot Diagnostics
Autopilot diagnostics

I am not a Microsoft shill but the advantages in Autopilot 2 are helpful for companies. I like that you don’t have to deal with hashes anymore and that is a very good thing.

You can read more in this link. This webpage is an excellent source for information on Autopilot. They are an SME on this topic.

One of the painful things for companies is to get the hash into Intune now or to rebuy devices. That was always a big stumbling block. I understand you need a unique identifier, and just using the serial number wouldn’t work. People are human and would make mistakes and mistype a number causing even greater problems and confusion. I am glad that they changed this requirement. I like the thoughtful touches they did as well on the UI. It makes it easier for the end user to know where they are in the process.

It is interesting to see if this applies to your company and may have advantages over what is currently being done. It is fun to be able to use technology in this way and improve the lives of everyone by standardizing and optimizing things.

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