Men dying six years before women in the US according to study

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You can read it in this excellent Axios article. I really like Axios. They have some great investigative reporting.

From the article:

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The life expectancy gap between women and men in the U.S. widened again in 2021, meaning men currently die nearly six years before women, according to research published in JAMA on Monday.
Driving the news: Researchers said the COVID-19 pandemic was the greatest contributor to the gap's growth, as men died from the virus died more often than women, potentially owing to social factors and health behaviors.

The second greatest cause was a rise in unintentional injuries, like vehicle accidents and drug overdoses, which killed a record 106,000 people in the U.S. in 2021.
Homicides, heart disease and suicides also contributed to the worsening life expectancy for men.

But environmental and societal factors also influence men's exposure to health risks and their tendency to access health services less often than women.
For example, men are more likely to experience homeless, make up over 90% of the country's prison population and are more likely to be a victim of fatal violence or suicide.

In new population estimates published last week, the U.S. Census Bureau projected that women will continue living longer than men over the remainder of the century.

Ok. This is terrible news for men. Remember the study that I posted that said that there are more missing men in 2022 than women? This answers women’s question where are all the good men at? They are dying, in prisons, homeless, in accidents, deaths, heart disease, and suicide.

Another article was about the 7 million men who are not working. Many men have shared that they feel disempowered and without opportunity because of the increasing numbers of women in the workplace. While it is true that those women have had more college degrees since 1981, the sense of change is hard for many men to adapt to. I think this is why there is an increase in the rate of suicides. What exactly are we working for men if the age at which we will typically die becomes shorter? Now 76 years. if we retire at 62 that is 14 years of life, compared to woman’s average death at 77 and 80 for UK women. Probably all that green tea they drink.

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What are we working for people?