Make your life easier by using Linux Mint

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Weather Comic
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Every day I am pleasantly surprised at how functional and easy to use Linux Mint is. Today I learned about applets.

Applets are mini-programs that can be displayed next to your date/time in your menu bar. I installed the weather one and it shows me what is happening at a glance and the temp outside. Unlike other weather apps on Mac/Windows, I didn’t even need to tell it what zip code I was in. It was based on my computer location. Instead of having a “security theatre” where an OS pretends it doesn’t know your location, you can benefit from having it know your location and making your life easier.

Since I was curious I scrolled and looked at the most popular applets available. There were a ton of useful and time-saving applets: applets to launch Virtualbox easier, to show your network speed, and so many other interesting ideas. I was tempted to install many of them but I am going to think about it and then decide. I felt like a kid in a candy store.

Now let’s compare that to Mac/Windows. You can’t easily install applets or additional functionality next to the time/date in the Windows Systray/taskbar or in the same Mac area. You can certainly install programs that might put an icon/functionality there, but if you want specific functionality you have to google it or install the app to see if it offers that functionality. With the Mac/Windows it is a guess if you will get that functionality and it also makes your system less reliable/more prone to crash when you have that kind of functionality. I suspect it won’t be the same with LM.

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A change happens when you start to open your eyes to other possibilities. Instead of being impressed with one OS/platform you become more critical and discerning about what you use. Today I saw an advertisement for new Mac/Windows machines and it didn’t impress me at all. I thought to myself, if I can use an older Windows 10 computer and not feel limited in the way I use it, why would I use something that is controlling and limiting?

Maybe this is just the result of using the Mac/Windows interface for so long. I want a change and LM is making my life easier in so many ways.