Mac and Windows are so great

os comic funny

I use a Mac and Windows laptop each day and I love both of them.

It used to be to me that Mac was superior, but Windows is copying Mac and has some interesting ideas of its own.

os comic funny
os comic funny

Why am I sharing this? I love using Windows Hello and having it recognize my face to log in or deal with security. I love that Windows has more functionality with Office apps instead of the second-tier status of Mac apps. However, with the Mac, I love feeling confident with security and not being targeted as much as Windows users are. I love that the Mac looks nicer and has some thoughtful touches to make things easier. I love that you can just open files, without having to futz around with associating it to a program like you often do on Windows.

Computers are not a religion to me. I think they are both fine tools that allow you to do what needs to be done. I have used Linux in the past but I wasn’t impressed. It isn’t secure and once you spend the time to secure it, it isn’t cheaper than Windows/Mac for client use. I’d argue that server use is questionable as well due to the security issues it has.

Whatever you choose is great, and if you don’t feel comfortable with one of them try it and give it a chance. Things are easier than they used to be and you will be surprised how things are working well.

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