The downsides of OpenSuse

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To be fair, I have to share the helpful and unhelpful things about what I discuss. I had an unhelpful thing happen today and let’s see what you think about it.

This morning I installed the XRPD server in OpenSuse. It worked and part of the video I shared talked about the troubleshooting he did to fix a client issue. I did the same troubleshooting but I did it accidently first on the server computer (my main computer). Then I realized I had made a mistake and did the troubleshooting on the client computer that I was connecting from. It worked perfectly to fix the client’s computer issue connecting to XRPD initially. Initially, you see a black screen because of the complicated nature of window managers. Once you apply the fix he shared, it works perfectly.

So about two hours later my system was doing an auto-update and it was triggered by me looking in Discover for things. It has a pretty good search and has found almost everything that I have read about on the web. While it was updating it seems to sometimes freeze. Normally when I leave it alone it continues, but today it didn’t continue. At the same time I was writing my last WordPress post and was logged in and hit the PRT SCR key and Spectacle the screen capture utility wasn’t starting. I also had the user still logged in from my XRPD session earlier. At that point, the update froze. I waited for it but nothing happened so I held down the power key and restarted the system. When I logged back in everything worked perfectly including the screen capture hotkey.

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I honestly can’t blame OpenSuse here. Yes, it was its problem, but I am doing many things at a time and have done plenty of experimentation on this system that it is unlikely other people will do. I am not trying to make excuses for it but it isn’t fair to install a third-party project like XRPD which adjusts how the display manager works and then say that it probably had no effect. In addition, because of the dual video card NVIDIA and another vendor, this is a fairly unique situation. It is almost guaranteed that a Linux OpenSuse Enterprise server won’t be running off of a gaming computer like I have this working.

I shared another issue earlier where I had to restart to fix something else. I can’t recall at the moment what it was. So far the worst troubleshooting I have had to do is restart, and I have turned this computer into a gaming machine with Steam, a development computer with Kubernetes, a remote RDP server, and many other things. I would say that having to restart a couple of times is a reasonable thing to do wouldn’t you for this functionality and stability?