Lucifer is a fun show

Devil Contract Comic

I have been watching Lucifer and it is a fun show for me.

Since I was brought up in a religious household it is interesting to see how they find humor in religion. I think that many of us who have been raised with a faith find it silly and even more silly how these divine people behave. It almost seems as if they humanize it like the old Roman/Greek Gods which has to be done to make it TV but seems a little unrealistic as well.

Devil Contract Comic
devil contract comic

For example, if divine beings exist it’s hard to imagine that they are like us in how they act. That was one of the things that surprised me about the Q in Star Trek. For someone who is a god, they act like children. I wonder if this is a message that no matter what we can do, who we are is always more important.

Still, the show deals with some topics cleverly and interestingly. They refer to lots of pop culture, and as you watch it you can see the earlier influences the writers had. I like that some things are written in for clever dialog, but I wonder if the plot is really why I am watching. Luci is captivating enough just with his tricks. The rest of the cast doesn’t seem to rise to the same level of acting or interest.

Or perhaps it is because we feel that we are a devil that we want to sympathize with Luci. I see him as a victim in this, the same as I used to wonder as a kid. How could an all-loving god put someone in this role? Why would anyone force someone else to do their bidding? Theological questions aside, it is fun enough to pass time with and that’s all we can ask of TV.

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