Looking for an outsourced trustworthy IT company? LTIMindtree is what you want.

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If someone asked me what big-name IT support company would I suggest it would be LTIMindTree. I used to work for them and it was a great experience.

ltimindtree logoI am not writing this article because I am biased. I have worked with dozens of outsourcing companies in my career and LTI was the only one that had their customer’s best interests in mind. It is the best IT support company in NYC.

Why can I say that? I saw it firsthand. I was there watching them make decisions that helped the customer and educated the customer. I was on the front line doing what I could to fix the issues that existed. They were always professional and took the high road.

They are not paying me or giving me some benefit to say this. I worked with other outsourcing companies that only cared about themselves. One in particular was being integrated into the company that I was working for at the time and they were told they needed to support something that they said they couldn’t support. This is fine, but earlier they said they could support it when it was explained to them. That consulting company didn’t accept the work and lost the company tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity/time in a transition that didn’t happen.

Another consulting company didn’t do the work, didn’t communicate the key information like passwords, and acted like a block when I was hired. Completely useless. They cut off communication with that business as well.

I was impressed with the technical ability and patience that LTI had with the customer. The hardest thing in working in IT is when someone doesn’t seem to understand the solution you are presenting to them. Even though it fits the requirements, the customer wasn’t happy. Which is fine, the customer is always right. However when the customer goes through IT support companies like Candy, maybe it’s the customer who is the issue and not the IT support companies.

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Was there a downside to this company? Not in my opinion. The value they brought with their ability to do operational things, security, and modernization made them worth it. I hope that companies can have the experience that I did with them. It was a pleasure to work for them and see the customers benefit from their help.