Linux Mint is surprisingly good

Linux Comic

I have been using Linux Mint and it is surprisingly good.

What surprises me the most is how intuitive it is for anyone who has used Windows/Mac. I love the fact that I could just start using it without needing to familiarize myself with the GUI or hunt for things. It was a pleasure to set up and then start using immediately. Non-technical people can easily use this.

Linux Comic
linux comic

Is there a downside? I had to google to find out how to copy/paste. However, even that solution makes more intuitive sense than the CTRL-C that we have become used to.  I also had to google take a screen capture, but that too made sense with shift + PRTSC. To me, Linux represents a more intuitive way of working than the confusing metaphors that Apple/Windows have become.

I like it so much I am wondering if I should make my Windows 11 machine my secondary machine and the Linux Mint my primary machine. I am still debating this but moving closer to making it my primary machine each day. I love the fact that it makes the projector look great and it is easier to work with daily for all the small things.

Ok, I have decided. After I publish this it is going to be my primary machine. I just love it.

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