If you have an Apple/Mac you need 1Password

1password interface

No I am not getting paid to say this, this is the truth.

Why? Read this. It affects a variety of browsers from a variety of companies. It doesn’t say if it affects Brave, but given the wide variety of browsers, I wouldn’t take the chance. How can 1Password solve this problem? Easy it doesn’t store the password in the browser, and yet makes it easily accessible from a browser.

I have spoken about 1Password before. My goal here is that everyone has better security so that criminals can’t take advantage of any weaknesses in their lives. By using this product you prevent this and many other kinds of security issues from ever happening. For example, if someone has remote access to your computer and can see what you are doing, 1Password encrypts the passwords that are used so they can’t be hacked visually. It is an additional layer that while making passwords more convenient, also makes it safer.

1password interface
1password interface

The alternatives to this are lacking. I have seen them tried to be used in businesses and they are confusing and not easy. People hate password managers and with good reason based on what they know. This is different. There is an initial learning curve, but it is pretty easy to get going with it. Since using it I have never had a password breach, because I am using unique passwords for everything now. It also tells you passwords that are similar or have been breached so you can change them. It is like having an IT security person inside your computer.

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The other wonderful thing about this is that once it is set up, you can use it on your iPhone/iPad and any other device you have and it synchronizes and makes all of your passwords easy to deal with. It does make your life easier. Trust me on this. I have used it for 4 years and I wish I had bought it sooner. I love it and I rarely love computer software. It does what it says it will, and it has the best security. 1Password even sent out an email when they discovered an attack through a third party that didn’t compromise security for 1Password users. I love that they were on top of things and informing us what happened. Transparency, reliability, affordability what more could you want? The only way this could get better is if it was free and that isn’t realistic.

Don’t take chances with security. Get 1Password and rest easy knowing you have enabled another layer of protection for your digital life.